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Seller's Checklist
Purchaser's Checklist
Delays in transfer occur when

1. Has the conveyancer received the agreement of sale?
2. Have you advised the conveyancer of the whereabouts of the original title deed, name and account number of the bondholder and its relevant branch, if applicable?
3. Have you provided the conveyancer with your personal particulars?
4. Have you paid rates/levies as requested, to the conveyancer?
5. Have you signed transfer documents at the conveyancers’ offices?
6. Have you advised the conveyancer of any special instructions/requirements regarding the manner in which the proceeds of the transfer are to be dealt with? 
7. Have you given instructions or made arrangements for the collection of occupational rent?
8. Have you advised the conveyancer of changes in address, telephone number, etc. on your vacating property? 
9. Have you advised the persons who supply various services to your property of your date of vacating the property, e.g. telephone, newspaper, lights and water, etc?
10. Have you reclaimed service deposits where relevant, e.g. from the municipality?

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1. Have you applied for and been granted a bond and advised the conveyancer of the name of the attorney who has been instructed to attend to the registration of the bond? 
2. Have you paid the initial deposit on the purchase price timeously and ensured that same is invested for your account if required? 
3. Have you provided the conveyancer with your personal particulars? 
4. Have you supplied the bond attorneys with all their requirements? 
5. If applicable, have you advised the conveyancer how you intend paying the balance of the purchase price not secured by the bond? 
6. Have you signed bond and transfer documents? 
7. Have you paid the bond and transfer costs? 
8. Has the purchase price been paid or secured by due date? 
9. Have you paid occupational rent in accordance with the agreement? 
10. Have you arranged for the connection of household services, e.g. telephone, water and electricity? 

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1. The seller or estate agent does not instruct the attorney immediately the agreement of sale is concluded.
2. The bond is not granted on time or the bond registering attorneys are not instructed forthwith by the bank granting the bond.
3. Personal particulars are not supplied when called for.
4. Guarantees are not furnished punctually and in accordance with the agreement.
5. Transfer and bond documents are not signed and/or transfer and bond registration costs are not paid timeously.
6. The existing title deed is not sent to the attorney immediately when requested from the seller or the bank or other financial institution where it is held.
7. Rates and taxes/levies are not paid timeously.
8. The local authority/body corporate delays the issue of the Rates/Levy Clearance Certificate.
9. A backlog exists at the Deeds Office where the transfer is to be registered.
10. The Deeds Office queries any aspect of the transaction.

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